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We are frequently asked about other projects we are working on and felt this website would be a wonderful opportunity to share our work.  While Ganapati Studios has grown beyond our wildest expectations (om maha Ganesh), it hasn't left us much time for exploring other media, but on occasion we slip off into the studio, put on some Congolese soukous music or some north or south Indian bhajans and have an art party.

Sarah's work is entwined with her spiritual practice and mostly prefers to keep it private, but she also is greatly inspired by textiles from Central Asia, Central America, India, and Pakistan.  Phil would like to be his own curator  This page will be used to share examples of artwork and pretty much anything else that strikes our fancy. If the artwork strikes your fancy, please inquire; some of it is still available for sale.

Phil's Work   2000's   1990's   1980's   1970's    Sarah's Work

2003 untitled
acrylic on canvas
25" x 30”

2000 “Ideal Boy”
acrylic on hand formed paper
11" x 11" x 2”

2002 “Magic Wallpaper 2”
acrylic on paper
59" x 22”

2001 “Magic Wallpaper”
acrylic on paper
61" x 16”