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new! ganapati booklets

  • These groovy little booklets are dandy for jotting down notes and lists, the perfect size for pockets and bags.
  • 4" x 5 3/4"
  • 60 blank pages made of 100% tree-free paper
  • available in 12 designs
  • $4.75 each


164n Cat Poet

807n Calaveras

Ladder to the Stars
476n Ladder to the Stars

Dream Cat
475n Dream Cat

522n Dragonflies

Your Time to Shine
546n Your Time

Big Boy
554n New Day

569n Big Love

651 Maybe

631n Cowgirl

peony dream
477n Peony Dream

om ganesh
539n Om Ganesh
parrot message
479n Parrot Message
Monkey Friend
478n Monkey Friend
Ladder to the Stars
476n Ladder to the Stars
Ocean Kiss
403n Ocean Kiss
secrets of the universe
329n Secrets of the Universe
Think Green
399n Think Green
386n Slinkin'
moon face
322n Untitled
rLove Birds
288n Love Birds
dear durga
279n Dear Durga
Om Mandala
275n Om Mandala
Double Deer
250n Double Dee
Best Friends
241n Best Friends
Mango Monkey
232n Mango Monkey